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Situated in London, UK, Pangbourne London is an independent manufacturer of aviation instruments and related aeronautical luxury goods. All the timepieces are designed in London and hand assembled in the UK. The Pangbourne London collections bear all the essential features of aviation timepieces and inherit the classic design of WWII pilot timepieces.


As an independently luxury watch brand, Pangbourne London has an inspiring and unique story that is not widespread, so the priority of the mandate is to let more people know the story of Pangbourne London through social media and reach to more high net worth customers.


Social Media Creation
Sahy thus offered Pangbourne London a complete social media activation package on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Through visual content and video production emphasizing on the distinctive features of the timepieces and classic aviation design, the Pangbourne London community has grown to nearly 5k in 3 months.

Digital Advertising Campaign
As of March 25th we had 2 completed Middle East focused advertisement campaigns. The results of the campaign have been more than satisfying. The campaign has helped us to build up an initial audience on Facebook and leverage on that to increase the exposure of the brand and the total reach of the pages. Through the exclusive advertising images and videos created for the campaign, we have increased the brand audience by over 300% and engagement by over 100%.

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