Terms & Conditions

Cost Estimates (Quotes) and Proposals
DSP SA may submit project proposals and quotes to you based on your requirements supplied. Specifications proposed and development costs quoted are based on our interpretation of the details supplied by you. These costs are subject to change once the final requirements of the project are known or if the initial requirements supplied at the time of quoting were to change.

All costs shown in our quotes, proposals, website and other marketing material are exclusive of GST, unless otherwise stated. GST of 10% applies to all invoices issued by DSP SA.

DSP SA Online Billing Service
As a client or a prospect you will be added into DSP SA online billing system and will be issued with a login username and password to your account with us. Online billing system will enable you to pay your bills, view and manage your account statement and accept quotes supplied by DSP SA.

DSP SA has the right to delete or suspend your account or archive your data such as invoices and quotes. It is your responsibility to make copies of these documents for tax and other purposes. If you have trouble logging in to your billing account you may email us on info@dspsa.ch.

Payment terms
DSP SA requires a deposit payment prior to any work been carried out.

For design and product development services (web design, web development, mobile application development, email design and similar services)

  • 50% upfront payment is require for projects such as web site design and development, web applications and mobile app development projects.
  • Where the total value of the project is above $10,000, a second payment may be charged when the product is delivered to staging (developed and ready for User Acceptance Testing test). This payment is due on delivery to User Acceptance Testing, not on completion of User Acceptance Testing. Value of the second payment will be agreed during the quoting stage (normally 25%) and will be stated under the payment terms on the quote. Second payment is due with in 14 days of the invoice.
  • Balance payment is due with in 14 days of going live or 30 days after the User Acceptance Testing, whichever comes first.
  • Projects/work that have been sent to the customer for final review and have not received feedback within 7 days are deemed complete and will, if applicable, have the final invoice issued for payment.

For email design

  • 100% upfront payment required if the total cost of the project is less than $1,000.
  • Email design projects require 100% payment upfront due to their faster turnaround time.

For website and domain hosting

  • DSP SA may switch off any ongoing services without prior notice if the payment(s) has not been received due to insufficient funds, credit card cancellations, etc. on or before the date due. It is your responsibility to contact DSP SA to update your payment details. You may be required to pay a reactivation fee when reactivating a deactivated service.
  • DSP SA will not renew your domain name if the renewal payment has not been received on time. Once the domain name has expired DSP SA cannot guarantee the renewal of this domain name.

For eCommerce system access

  • For eCommerce system access and transactions, DSP SA will invoice at the beginning of the month for the usage of previous month. DSP SA may switch off your eCommerce system without prior notice if the payment(s) has not been received on or before the date due. You may be required to pay a reactivation fee when reactivating a deactivated service.
  • Once your eCommerce system has been deactivated, your website visitors will no longer be able to view or purchase your products via the website.

DSP SA will not schedule or start any work on your project until the necessary upfront payments are received. Accepting a quote provided by DSP SA does not mean we will start your project immediately. When you accept a quote you will receive an invoice immediately for the upfront payment. Please pay as soon as possible to avoid delays.

DSP SA will not be responsible for your project delivery delays due to delays in paying your invoice.

All invoices supplied by DSP SA are due in 14 days from the date of the invoice unless otherwise stated on the invoice.

Cancellation of a project and refund policy
Cancelling the project after approval of the quote and deposit has been paid may result in part or full payment for the project based on the level of completion at the time of cancellation.

Cancellation of projects will attracted a minimum of 20% admin fee which will cover the cost incurred during the project planing, quoting and scheduling process.

Intellectual Property & Copyright
All created artwork, files, code and documents remain the property of DSP SA until the complete payment for the project has been received. You are not to use or recreate any artwork, concepts, code and documents given to you by DSP SA during the project until the full payment as agreed to on the quote has been paid.

If full payment for the project has not been received, DSP SA has the right to re-user, sell or use the materiel developed for you on other projects.

Product development
When developing products such as websites, web/mobile applications, email templates, etc. DSP SA will provide visuals of the final product for your approval. You are required to finalise the design and layout using these visuals as a guide prior to start production of the working version of the product. Changes to design or layout once production has started may incur additional charges.

Please note that the visuals may not match the final working version of the? product exactly. This is due to the visual being a static image (JPG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, PSD) and final multimedia product will be built using web technologies such as HTML/PHP/CSS or other similar programs. You are to use the visual as a guide only when approving the look and feel of the design and layout.

Product timeline
DSP SA will supply a design and development timeline (schedule) which will outline the workload and requirements from you. It is your responsibility to supply us with the requirements such as the deposit payment, content and images, feedback for visuals and functionality.

During the scheduling process we allocate 1-5 business days for your feedback. Exact duration will be mentioned on the schedule. If you dont supply us with the requirements as per the planned schedule we may have to schedule other jobs and your project completion date will be delayed.

Copyright of sample images shown on the templates
Images used on the template(s) are SAMPLES ONLY. Cost of the templates/designs shown does not include images shown. Sample images shown on these templates are sourced from other platforms. Once you purchase a template we will replace these images with suitable images to your business. You are required to supply images. If we are to source images that are relevant to your business or if we are to purchase the sample images shown, extra charges may incur.

Email testing
Email campaigns developed by DSP SA for its clients will be tested in most popular email programs on Windows and Apple platforms and will be optimized for latest version of Outlook, GMail, Hotmail/Live Mail and Yahoo Mail. Optimizing for other email clients (i.e. Lotus Notes, etc) may incur additional charges and design limitations.

Mobile testing will be carried out on the native email app of latest iOS and Android operating systems. Mobile OSs sudden changes during updates may cause email rendering issues and DSP SA will not be responsible for such issues. DSP SA may investigate and try to find fixes to these issues. This may incur additional charges.

Email marketing account access and privacy
DSP SA team may require access to your email marketing account when setting up email templates or fixing issues on already built templates. If your email marketing service provider is NOT DSP SA you are required to create DSP SA team with necessary account access privileges that will help DSP SA team carry out the tasks.

When creating login details for DSP SA team you are responsible for generating a secure username and a password that random parties cannot easily guess. DSP SA also recommends that you revoke the login details as soon as the project has been completed and no further account access is required by the DSP SA team.

DSP SA will not at any circumstances sell or provide your login details to a 3rd party, or access, download, copy or delete your existing databases (contact lists). DSP SA will not use the supplied login details for any other reason but to complete the task that was asked by you.

Even though DSP SA will make every effort to keep your account login details secure we will not be liable for any unauthorized access to your account and its content using the login you supplied to us. It is your responsibility to make sure you create us a secured login as shown in the example above and revoke the access as soon as the work has been completed.

Starting of project
DSP SA will not start re-branding your template until full payment and all required branding material has been received.

Cancellation and refunds
Once a template has been purchased and paid for online, if you decide not to proceed, contact DSP SA immediately to cancel the project. DSP SA may or may not offer a refund based on the level of completion of the project at the time of cancellation. An admin fee of 20% of the cost of the template will be charged for all cancellations.

Working with third party suppliers

DSP SA uses third party suppliers for services such as email marketing, web hosting and search engine advertising. DSP SA will develop and will project manage development with any third party suppliers. DSP SA may offer paid or unpaid ongoing support and advice on projects that has been undertaken. However, training and product support where necessary for such third party products may be supplied by the supplier directly. DSP SA may not be liable for issues that arise due to the functionality and service of such third party products and if such issues are raised they will be directed to the supplier.

Example: DSP SA will design and develop email templates on behalf of Vision 6s clients and will provide ongoing paid or unpaid support for the template DSP SA built. These support services include any technical issues surrounding the template DSP SA designed and built such as functional errors of the template, design issues of the template, etc. However, if you require How To training such as using the Drag and Drop editor to edit and modify the template, add content, sending email, etc will be forwarded on to Vision 6s support team.