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As a new player to the watch industry, the core Harding philosophy is one of quality, adventure and style. Harding combines time-tested watch-building techniques with modern design and a passion for the craft, to deliver beautiful timepieces for action-packed living.


Being a new player situated in the vast entry level market, Harding Watches require a different and more dynamic approach to digital in comparison with other more established high end brands. Focusing on Swiss design, the spirits of thrill, quality, and regional content (notably USA and Europe), the Harding content is diverse and corresponds to its core value.


Social Media Creation
Sahy sets the focus on building the community (under 1000 followers), creating more awareness through advertising and collaboration, and increasing social monetization. With a clear philosophy of “Time to Thrill”, Sahy engineers a timeline reflecting exactly the essence of this ideology.

Blogger Activation
Besides digital content production, Sahy also launched an active digital outreach strategy. By reaching to nearly 20 bloggers/influencers on a monthly basis, the Harding philosophy was introduced to a wider community and saw more like-minded individuals joining the community. Also, specific regional campaigns are also carried out through blogger partnership. For example, Sahy partnered with several notable military bloggers in the US to create a specific series to engage with the military fans in the US. At the same time, Sahy also brings a scientific evaluation scheme to analyze the ROI of blogger collaboration to maximize the return.

As a young player coming into the industry, Harding watches pays substantial amount of attention to building and engaging with its fan base. Thus, we developed the strategy to run active digital campaigns and closely monitor the audience response and provide appropriate answers to customers’ questions on sales, warranty, etc. Through an comprehensive targeting and precise ROI analysis, we have been able to optimize the community growth and generated interests from different interest groups. Within the time of less than one year, our active customer service strategy and creative content strategy increased the Harding watches total fan base from less than 1000 to over 30k.

Video Content Creation