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Green Trees Travel is a network of eco-friendly hotels in Latin America and the Caribbean. Their partners appreciate and love the beauty of nature. They aim to connect your daily life with enriching cultural experiences through sustainable travel. You will get to choose your destination and freely explore the country with them.

The key goal of their website is to give travelers an easy time to find hotels and landmarks. With that in mind they approached us to find a way to make it happen. We designed their website with WordPress (CMS) in a fully customized fashion. The hotel searches, rates, dates and locations were all customized and visibly shown in a map for the customers to know their route in the easiest way possible.

We’ve also made the website heavily mobile-friendly so that these travelers can access and book hotels through their website anywhere with their smart phones or tablets. Still not impressed? Let’s see if we can change your mind. Here’s what we’ve done.


Website Development