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“Fira” is a global online destination for girls who are classy and fashion-forward. Founded in the 2014, they seek to reach people all over the country with the most fashionable clothes, fashion news/trends and offers them the best pieces without having to leave their houses. They offer apparel and clothing accessories that are super cool.

Fira approached us with a straight forward goal of creating an E-Commerce website that is both functional in every way possible and clean but stylish.

With much effort, we carved up their website with one of the most popular CMS”s out there namely, “Wordpress”. We integrated all the required functionalities to make sure that their transactions are safe and secured. The whole shopping experience in their site is also heavily mobile-optimized and it’s very easy for customers to swipe through their products. So, shopping there is like a walk in the park.

Check out what we have done below!


eCommerce Development