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Box Soccer Training

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A grass-root football development program for kids age from 5 to 15. Box Soccer is a UK based football program designed to bring an innovative training system to boys and girls in their early ages and has successfully produced many top players who are currently playing for elite professional teams in the UK. With its unique philosophy, Box Soccer is also introduced to more football-loving families outside the UK.


Box Soccer offers a training system which is significantly different from the conventional programs. However, the brand suffered from a low brand awareness and low growth rate due to various reasons in its early years. Therefore, Sahy designed the strategy with the focus to increase the program’s awareness in targeted markets and increase class and business inquiries.


Content Marketing
To better promote the philosophy of Box Soccer, a content strategy targeting on the parents and coaches is developed to educate the audience more about the training advantage of Box Soccer. Through drill explanations, camp recaps, and other interactive content, we have doubled the page audience in less than half of a year and increased class inquiries by 100% in the first quarter we took over.

Digital Advertising
With an camp network already established in Scotland, Box Soccer wanted its name to be known by more potential audience in the region. Through our targeted campaigns in Scotland, we have increased class booking by 100% during the course of the campaign and increased the page audience by 50%.

Video Marketing
To better illustrate the drills being instructed at Box Soccer Camps, Sahy has created a video series showcasing the Box Soccer drills and also how the professional players utilize these drills in their games. The result is a great success and we have seen great increase on page visits and video engagement has increased dramatically.