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Art Report is a digital publication that aims to provide the millennial generation with engaging and entertaining Contemporary Art content. The leading source for breaking news and entertainment for the future collectors, curators and enthusiasts.

Art Report tasked us with updating their site and making searching for Art fun and easy for their target audience: Art Enthusiasts, Art lovers, Collectors, Curators and many others. The company posts a wide variety of Contemporary Art and promotes their Artists creating a report that is both helpful for people to get know these artists as well as finding the type of Art content they are looking for.

We made a completely custom CMS (WordPress) based Contemporary Art website. It was heavily customized to allow for easy and fast updates, including Daily News/Content-section and fast and easy way for the company to add and modify Art related posts.

The experience is also heavily mobile-optimized, and it’s very easy for customers to swipe through content and photos on their mobile devices.See examples of the end result below!


Website Development